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Releasing Album Destination!

2013-06-12 22:09:03 by Jxudo

Hey everyone! I have decided to release my album now. It contains 9 songs all originals of mine, plus a few tracks I released as singles of their own and some that didn't actually make it into the album it'self (some of which are already on NG).
So I hope you will check it out. I've worked pretty hard on it!
It's my second album, but I have improved a lot since my last one "Continuum".

Download full album Destination: 9/Destination.7z

P.S. I have no album art yet, If anyone is interested in making some for me please send me a message! I can't pay you, but if I accept your art, you'll get all the credit for it of course, and whatever views I get so will you.
Please enjoy!


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